Sunday, July 23, 2006

Bringing Life to your office.

As I was parking outside a building last week the rentokil operator was getting back some gear from their truck.

I walked in behind them, reading the slogan on the back of their tee shirt. "Bringing life to your office".

Life Bringer as a job description sounds so much better than EXTERMINATOR.

Interesting idea that putting something to death may be motivated by a desire to bring life.

Would be a neat thing for your average Christian to have on their back going to work.

The key is not an inscription on the back but an incision in the heart.

"Bringing life to your office" becomes a growing reality when something is put to death.

Colossians 3 could have big implications for where you work.

It's about being true to who you are rather than what you were. Putting to death that which belongs to that which is dead and living differently, with and like the one who is and has brought life.

Some pest control is way beyond rentokil but the life that it brings is way more substantial.

in both cases, though, people in the office will appreciate the difference.