Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Hand of God

Francisco Bosch scored what many are calling the try of the season playing for Manawatu against Waikato in the NPC.

He chipped the ball ahead, leaped high and headed it at the top of its bounce. Gathered it and sprinted clear of the cover defence. All in covering about 65 meters.

The controversy is all about the header. Bosch who also plays sevens knew that you could not throw and head - which would be a knock on but could head on from a kick. Kind of amusing that people make a fuss about someone heading the ball instead of catching it when the entire game of rugby is based on someone handling it when they should have kicked it. The sport is founded on unconventionality.

The other amusing thing given his nationality is that Argentina have a rugby player who can actually head the ball, rather better than a soccer player who is most famous for knocking it on, although I doubt he was attempting a catch.

Both scored in unconventional ways. But one was according to the rules.

Which puts Francisco a lot closer to the "hand of God", by using his head