Monday, February 25, 2008

Student Life Today

Interesting video out of University of Kansas. Thought I would put it on both blogs as it kind of crosses over. Collated perceptions rather than empirical research but in some ways more powerful because of that.

What comes through most strongly is University education is frequently stuck in a time-warp and has not adapted approaches to the changing context. The video is titled "A vision of students today". The lack of personal relationship with faculty, the disconnect with real life, the magnitude of this generations inherited problems and the mounting debt are all fairly predictable from our own interactions with students. It is a glimpse not a vision.

The biggest issue in tertiary education today is that there is no vision for students today. At least no compelling vision that stirs the imagination of a new generation, excites them about ideas, pushes the boundaries of creativity in delivery and really prepares young men and women for life.

I wonder how long universities in their current form and funding model can survive. I wonder what we are doing to actively work for the transformation of Universities or at least their improvement. It is yet another situation where the baby boomers are in control and in denial.

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